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Untitled Webcomic: Day 3: posted on Feb 3, 10:07 pm by nebulopathy (Nebulopathy) - 3 entries
Still horrifyingly bad, but now there's a dog, so it's 100% improved. Also, I added a section with outtakes, so there's that. (0 likes)

A little sweet, a little tart: posted on Feb 3, 10:40 am by Jenipurr (Still Life, With Cats) - 2 entries
Pancakes by any other name (0 likes)

Untitled Webcomic: Day 2: posted on Feb 2, 9:01 pm by nebulopathy (Nebulopathy) - 3 entries
The images have gone from overexposed to underexposed, but there's a definite improvement. However, that might have taken it from hilariously bad to just bad. (0 likes)

Nutty: posted on Feb 2, 10:18 am by Jenipurr (Still Life, With Cats) - 2 entries
When life gives you a few metric tons of citrus... (0 likes)

Untitled Web Comic: Day 1: posted on Feb 2, 1:42 am by nebulopathy (Nebulopathy) - 3 entries
This webcomic is all an exercise to force me to learn 3D modeling. I expected the early days to be terrible, and WOW, I did not disappoint! :) (1 like)




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