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Bio: I am a former veterinarian who has found that writing code leaves fewer scars than wrangling cats. This blog retty much anything that strikes me as funny. Or anything, really, if I have a deadline...

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Supernova Posted on Feb 28, 9:02 pm
Is it gravel? Is it something in outer space? And is this a duplicate entry?

Leaf Imprint Posted on Feb 27, 10:02 pm
More fun with the wave tool and gradients. A stepping stone I made for last year's Thingadailies gets a little magical.

Moss Posted on Feb 26, 11:02 pm
A little bit of moss in an impressionist style.

Odd Bark Posted on Feb 25, 10:02 pm
Not the bark of a dog, but the bark of a tree. And then I got going with filters and color maps and now it's certainly something else.

Nature Flare Posted on Feb 24, 7:02 pm
Into every Thingadailies a little WTF must fall. Consider it as having fallen.

Cat Mosaic Posted on Feb 23, 10:02 pm
The new cat shelves (which will never be hung on the walls) with cats in place, with a mosaic filter on the image.

Weaving Pavement Posted on Feb 23, 12:02 am
Turning pavement into cloth. Not quite straw into gold, but fun nonetheless.

Clouds Posted on Feb 21, 9:02 pm
In three weeks I have managed to level up to the mid-nineties in my photo manipulations. The cats are floating on clouds. Really.

Cuddle Buddies Posted on Feb 20, 11:02 pm
I like this one. It looks even better when enlarged.

Leopard Posted on Feb 19, 9:02 pm
I definitely did change this leopard's spots.

Blue Lou Posted on Feb 18, 10:02 pm
I have my first request! Louise the cat in blue. Unless the request was for a different color. You get what you pay for.

Gradients and Masks Posted on Feb 17, 5:02 pm
The Tour of Bad Taste continues!

Big Dog Watercolor Posted on Feb 16, 2:02 pm
More fun with filters!

The Root of Cubism Posted on Feb 15, 10:02 pm
This is exciting -- the filters make up for lots of shortcomings!

Glass Tiles Posted on Feb 14, 8:02 pm
Just a simple glass tiles filter...

Laser Eyes Posted on Feb 13, 10:02 pm
Another image. I found the filter menu!

Magic Road Posted on Feb 12, 9:02 pm
It's not as Lisa Frank-esque as most of them have been, but I'm a bit pressed for time tonight. I fully expect weirdness to return tomorrow.

Big Foot Posted on Feb 11, 10:02 pm
It's a dog foot on drugs.

Pastels Posted on Feb 10, 8:02 pm
I was going to do something complicated, but (and this should surprise nobody) I gave up on that and did this.

Full of Stars Posted on Feb 9, 7:02 pm
Just a fun image of Ripley.

Warped Posted on Feb 8, 10:02 pm
Played with the warp tool on an image with Guido sleeping. It's definitely more subtle than some of the images I've made this month...

The Big Dog Pops Out Posted on Feb 7, 10:02 pm
My kingdom for a working mouse! But also, the big dog gets to pop out of the frame.

Rainbow Ripley Posted on Feb 6, 10:02 pm
I can't say I'm actually improving any of these images, but I sure am changing them!

Gradient Posted on Feb 5, 8:02 pm
Found the gradient tool, plus a bonus support exchange.

Texture Hodgepodge Posted on Feb 4, 9:02 pm
Playing with combining different pictures with textures. Not a huge success in itself, but it does suggest some possibilities... Also, the little dog's head is in there somewhere.

Changing Coats Posted on Feb 3, 1:02 pm
I made Guido-You-Bastard purple. I'm not sure why I would want to do that, but I've done it.

Desaturation Posted on Feb 2, 8:02 pm
Playing with photo editing software again. But pictures of the dogs!

Thingadailies #1 Posted on Feb 1, 10:02 pm
I'm going to play with photo editing software this month. It's about the process not the result. (So consider yourself warned...)

New Year Posted on Jan 1, 9:01 pm
Woohoo! We made it to the new year and the end of another Holidailies!

The Return Posted on Dec 31, 11:12 pm
I came back yesterday, but the return wasn't complete until today when the rest of Team Chaos arrived.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog Posted on Dec 30, 11:12 pm
Back in my own home, yay!

The Royal Mycological Society of the Great County of Orange Posted on Dec 30, 12:12 am
Turns out a mycological society is not a bunch of Victorian steampunk cosplayers -- less fun guys, more fungi.

Peggy and the Swingers Posted on Dec 29, 12:12 am
Because what better dinner conversation is there than describing that time you accidentally crashed a swingers' meetup?

Stollen Again Posted on Dec 28, 2:12 am
The stollen recipe that we used yesterday, with footnotes from my mother.

Stollen and More Posted on Dec 26, 11:12 pm
K-Poo and I made stollen. Also, I complain. (Yeah, that last sentence could describe the previous 25 entries as well.)

I Don't Love L.A. Posted on Dec 26, 12:12 am
Seriously though, at what point am I allowed to declare myself a shut-in and stop traveling anywhere at all?

Silent Night Posted on Dec 25, 12:12 am
How do people deal without the chaos of the full house pack?

The Key Posted on Dec 24, 12:12 am
I have to find one little thing before I go on vacation...

Solstice Posted on Dec 23, 2:12 am
Solstice celebration, plus photos of my animals being tortured with an origami crown.

I Dare You Posted on Dec 21, 10:12 pm
Then he dared me to do it. I mean... he's my older brother. He dared me. I had to do it. (I feel I should point out this story is from today.)

Paint Posted on Dec 20, 9:12 pm
His name is Effing Scooter. I think that pretty much says it all.

End of the Year Posted on Dec 20, 12:12 am
Will 2018 ever end? I have my doubts.

Do They Have The Shut-in Special? Posted on Dec 18, 9:12 pm
I'm just tired of driving. Which is a problem since I live in California.

Is Pork Vegetarian? How About Beef? Posted on Dec 18, 12:12 am
Usually when we go out for phở I order the closest thing to vegetarian that they have, ask them to leave out the meat, and then pretend that there are just some really strangely textured mushrooms in the broth (which is totally vegetable based at least as far as I know!). Yeah, if I was vegetarian for religious reasons I'd definitely be going to that religion's version of the Bad Place.

This Again? Posted on Dec 16, 9:12 pm
The big dog and I have started running again. One of us is really out of shape.

I Can Only Solve Crimes In Britain Posted on Dec 16, 12:12 am
Nothing says the holiday season like a rant about what's wrong with American television, am I right?

How Does Anything Ever Get Done Here? Posted on Dec 14, 11:12 pm
Sitting on the couch to get some work done on my laptop seemed like such a simple idea. In practice, not so much...

Mad at the Meringues Posted on Dec 14, 1:12 am
The test batch of springerles was not a complete disaster, and getting a bunch of writers together and adding sugar gets you many silly puns and other plays on words.

Can I Just Walk Everywhere From Now On? Posted on Dec 12, 10:12 pm
In which I am not enjoying the rental behemoth.

Mush Is A Four Letter Word Posted on Dec 11, 9:12 pm
I'm ready to hibernate through the winter. Unfortunately we have agility this evening...

At Least I Have a Good Dental Plan Posted on Dec 10, 11:12 pm
In which I prepare to face my nemesis.

The Feathered Four Posted on Dec 9, 3:12 pm
The big dog and I went for a run. We saw turkeys! It was fab.

Random Pet Post Posted on Dec 8, 9:12 pm
If you really don't like posts about cats and dogs, this is the one to miss!

The Big Dog Weight Loss Plan Posted on Dec 7, 10:12 pm
It got cold and the big dog dropped three pounds. I did not. I'm going to try his method, though I draw the line at standing on the couch and barking at people walking by

Speaking of My Boss Posted on Dec 6, 10:12 pm
I get along well with my boss, which is good because otherwise we would drive each other crazy. Here are some of the ways I torture him.

He Ain't Heavy Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
In which I marvel at the fact that I haven't been fired, and also complain about my brother leaving the company.

Books You Need In Your Life Posted on Dec 5, 12:12 am
Some books I've read and loved this year. Plus a picture of the big dog because we all need more animal pictures in our lives.

The Most Monday of Mondays Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 pm
At least there's a cat picture.

Lighting Posted on Dec 3, 12:12 am
In which I start another art project and justify the money my parents spent to send me to college to be an engineer.

Downtown Dogs Posted on Dec 1, 10:12 pm
In which Theresa drops the little dog off for her annual bath, wanders around downtown, takes some pictures of the big dog, and generally has a lazy day.

TGIO Posted on Feb 28, 11:02 pm
Next year will definitely be an inside activity...

On Fire! Posted on Feb 25, 10:02 pm
Seriously, I should be getting endorsements and stuff at this point!)\

Maybe They Won't Look Better In The Daylight After All Posted on Feb 24, 9:02 pm
Perhaps they would look better if I added a soundtrack instead?

Artisan Posted on Feb 23, 12:02 am
Or else there is an army of three-year-olds pushing tiles into wet concrete somewhere. (Also possible.)

No Pineapple, No Cake Posted on Feb 21, 12:02 am
I think we may have reached the nadir, mostly because I'm not sure if it's possible to sink any lower. Only time will tell...

Simplicity Posted on Feb 19, 11:02 pm
It's basic. Um, I mean even _more_ basic than most of the others. Mondays are like that sometimes.

The Everything Bagel Posted on Feb 18, 8:02 pm
Just throw everything together, mix, and voila! A blog post!

RAWR-schach Posted on Feb 15, 11:02 pm
Trust me, this one doesn't even make sense to me. And that's saying something.

Technicolor Vomit Crumbles Of Death Posted on Feb 15, 12:02 am
Is it a death metal band or my latest project? Maybe it's both!

Poetry! Posted on Feb 14, 12:02 am
It's Fat Tuesday. I ate a Klondike Bar and made another stepping stone.

No Jazz Hands Today Posted on Feb 13, 12:02 am
Hey, not everything can be a winner. (Or, as K-Poo once famously said "It can't be all jazz hands all the time!")

Subproject Posted on Feb 12, 12:02 am
And this is all totally not because it's so much easier to mix a very small amount of concrete!

Recap Posted on Feb 10, 7:02 pm
Things I've learned so far. Mostly it's a list of mistakes that I've made. Still, some of them are sort of interesting.

Nekkid Posted on Feb 7, 11:02 pm
Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbors?

Whimsy Posted on Feb 7, 12:02 am
Practical, no, but it's got whimsy up the wahoo...

You Can Do It! Posted on Feb 5, 9:02 pm
And I quote: "Ladies, don't wait for him, you can do it!"

Guide To The Garden Posted on Feb 4, 9:02 pm
Today's stepping stone is all about truth in advertising, which is another way to say that my yard is pretty much a disaster and I'm about to reclassify the weeds as "desired" plants.

Concrete Is Supposed To Harden, Right? Posted on Feb 3, 8:02 pm
As the proud owner of many "Most Improved" awards, I'm a firm believer in failing early and often!

Probably Belongs In Quarantine Posted on Feb 2, 9:02 pm
Today I experimented with coloring the concrete and ended up with something that... let's just hope it looks better when it's finished curing

Step On It! Posted on Feb 1, 10:02 pm
I'm making a path across my lawn, one hideous stepping stone at a time. It's going to be awesome! (Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing.)

How to Drive Writers Crazy (In Three Easy Steps!) Posted on Dec 31, 10:12 pm
We made it to the end, Holidaily-ers! I am being tormented by a literary agent. Alas, not me personally, but still...

Back To Winter Posted on Dec 30, 11:12 pm
My brain is fried from driving all day so... you get what you pay for?

Never Play Scrabble Against Someone Who Has Memorized All The Two Letter Words Posted on Dec 29, 11:12 pm
I worked on losing today. I was successful. Is that a win or a loss? Also, the stollen recipe is here so I can find it later.

Resolutions Posted on Dec 29, 1:12 am
My plan for the year is to screw everything up. Sounds like a winner!

I Want A Recount Posted on Dec 28, 12:12 am
Clearly I need to learn how to fake a fall in order to gain standing in the sibling rivalry race!

Productive? Posted on Dec 27, 1:12 am
My brother is definitely ahead of me in the favorite child competition today...

Why I Hate Touch Screens (aka, What is that smell?) Posted on Dec 26, 1:12 am
Once again, I miss my poor little Civic...

The Five Stages of Housecleaning for the Petsitter Posted on Dec 24, 8:12 pm
4. Depression Do you know how many places four cats can throw up hairballs in a year?

But Will It Be Brittle? Posted on Dec 23, 9:12 pm
Peanut Brittle (if I'm lucky) or possibly a sad soft mess. It occurs to me that I could make a bunch of lewd jokes here, but I'm just going to continue keeping it classy...

How... Interesting... Posted on Dec 22, 10:12 pm
Website design. It's a skill. I lack that skill. Of course I just realized that anyone who has looked at my blog probably already knows this. So... maybe read this one just for the picture of Scooter?

G.O.A.T. Posted on Dec 21, 11:12 pm
A superhero origin story. Or possibly a supervillain origin story. You decide. Also, a bonus picture of the superlemon that is taking over my tree.

Squirrel! Posted on Dec 20, 11:12 pm
Squirrels, both literal and metaphorical. The great mystery of why they suddenly appeared still remains.

There IS Room At The Inn Posted on Dec 19, 10:12 pm
I have a new kitchen faucet (and valves), the dogs have a home for the holidays, and I need to set up my author website. (I'm still working on saying that last part with a straight face...)

I Wasn't Kidding Posted on Dec 18, 11:12 pm
I'm just going to claim that all the little pieces of styrofoam are my attempt to decorate for the holiday. Also, it's a month with at least 28 days so we're reorganizing at work. Morale is so good that in the most recent round of layoffs someone had a sign in his cubicle that said "Pick Me! Pick Me!".

Like Herpes... Posted on Dec 18, 1:12 am
Styrofoam. It's the gift that keeps giving. Dammit.

It's a Nyet-i, Because They Really Don't Exist Posted on Dec 16, 11:12 pm
One of the gnomes gets his own hat and I fail right at the start of a home repair. But really, if you're going to fail, it's good to fail before you mess something up.

The Importance of Not Knowing Posted on Dec 15, 10:12 pm
Sometimes it's freeing to not know what's behind a big door. Also, these people do repairs like I do.

When The Sun Don't Shine... Posted on Dec 14, 11:12 pm
Purling is not my friend, but I took a picture of my birthday present!

The Great Communicator Posted on Dec 14, 12:12 am
It seemed like such a simple thing. And then six engineers and "collaborative tools" got involved...

How To Be Bad At Baking Posted on Dec 13, 12:12 am
In case you're a good baker and would like to learn how to fail at it, let me help you learn!

Sick Day Posted on Dec 11, 10:12 pm
What do you do after spending the rest of the day sleeping? Learn how to write a good query letter, of course!

Best Ever! Posted on Dec 10, 10:12 pm
I'm going to go out on a limb here and claim that these are the best knitted Yeti lawn ornament Christmas and Hanukkah hats around!

Don't Ask Posted on Dec 10, 1:12 am
This time I was sort of hoping we wouldn't have that conversation because "knitting hats for my Yeti lawn ornament" makes me sound kind of weird.

Distractions Posted on Dec 8, 11:12 pm
I might have run a little off the rails... but maybe I'll just start knitting hats for my lawn Yeti. It's probably better than drinking.

Forests of Christmas Past Posted on Dec 7, 10:12 pm
Who needs a perfect tree? Certainly not my family when I was growing up. Also, pictures of me annoying my animals with a hat. They are not really amused.

The Latest Conference I Didn't Attend Posted on Dec 6, 11:12 pm
I like to think of my career as if it were a crash test dummy. I just ran it into another wall.

Is It Time To Go Yet? How About Now? Now? Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
Tuesday is agility night. This is exciting if you are a dog in my house. Very exciting. Very annoyingly exciting. Argh, just leave me alone, it isn't time to go yet!

Maybe Just Stick To The 'Three Rights Make A Left' Rule Posted on Dec 4, 10:12 pm
I saw my future the other day. I might need a chauffeur.

The End of Civic-isation Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 pm
I had to get a new car this year. I should have just bought two back in 2002 so I'd have a spare.

Plod By Plod Posted on Dec 2, 7:12 pm
Deep philosophical thoughts about running and writing and how I define success in both. Also a lovely picture of the big dog so it's well worth clicking through just for that.

Digital Graffiti Posted on Dec 1, 10:12 pm
How better to vandalize the workplace than through words? I probably won't get fired, even if someone notices, right?

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Eight Posted on Mar 1, 12:03 pm
The End. Woohoo!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Seven Posted on Feb 28, 12:02 am
At this point, this cozy is like a SpaceX rocket -- one way or another things are going to end tomorrow!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Six Posted on Feb 27, 12:02 am
In which having a gun to her head really screws up their dinner plans...

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Five Posted on Feb 26, 1:02 am
And Lo!, on day twenty-five a wandering plot appears!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Four Posted on Feb 25, 1:02 am
Preparations for a big night, plus a picture of butter. (My blog is the place to be!)

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Three Posted on Feb 24, 1:02 am
Tea and advice.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-Two Posted on Feb 23, 12:02 am
Chocolate, brooding, and swingers, oh my!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty-One Posted on Feb 22, 1:02 am
Son of a gun!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twenty Posted on Feb 21, 1:02 am
Headaches, comfort food, and declarations of love!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Nineteen Posted on Feb 20, 1:02 am
A memorial to remember.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Eighteen Posted on Feb 19, 1:02 am
Political aspirations, and another clue!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Seventeen Posted on Feb 18, 12:02 am
The reverend sticks by his story.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Sixteen Posted on Feb 17, 1:02 am
Somebody took the money and somebody ran...

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Fifteen Posted on Feb 16, 1:02 am
A box that doesn't hold Christmas ornaments...

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Fourteen Posted on Feb 15, 1:02 am
Pineapples. Just because.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Thirteen Posted on Feb 13, 11:02 pm
A break-in and a Chihuahua named Chewy.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Twelve Posted on Feb 13, 1:02 am
Remember Geraldo Rivera unlocking the mystery of Al Capone's vault? This is just as exciting!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Eleven Posted on Feb 12, 1:02 am
When you have lemons, make... blackmail?

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Ten Posted on Feb 10, 11:02 pm
Maybe the reverend has something! And there are references to two different sports!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Nine Posted on Feb 10, 12:02 am
Pizza! And the truth comes out... just not about the victim.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Eight Posted on Feb 8, 11:02 pm
The dead woman had a son, and the chapters keep getting shorter. Those two facts aren't actually related. If you want to make your own changes to the plot, leave a comment!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Seven Posted on Feb 8, 12:02 am
What goes up must come down. Also, what goes in must come out...

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Six Posted on Feb 6, 11:02 pm
Guess who's coming for dinner!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Five Posted on Feb 5, 9:02 pm
Secrets at the dog park...

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Four Posted on Feb 5, 1:02 am
Why didn't the Reverend get out of bed, and just who was the dead woman anyhow?

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Three Posted on Feb 4, 1:02 am
Whodunnit? Not the mayor!

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter Two Posted on Feb 3, 12:02 am
Down with the patriarchy! And oops, she just cleaned up a crime scene.

Death Walks A Dog: Chapter One Posted on Feb 2, 12:02 am
The first chapter of a cozy. Audience participation is encouraged!

Star Flower Posted on Feb 29, 11:02 pm
We've survived another month! Congratulations everyone!

The Test Mosaic Posted on Feb 28, 10:02 pm
I finally did it! And it... didn't completely suck?

Another Garden Thing Posted on Feb 27, 10:02 pm
Another raised bed in the garden. And let's all hope that the new plants are very very drought tolerant.

Starry Star Posted on Feb 27, 12:02 am
A star with instructions by Dr. Google plus a penitent cat and yet another remodeling anecdote.

Shiny Star Posted on Feb 25, 11:02 pm
A picture of the cat sans cat. A picture of the bathroom minus everything that one expects in a bathroom. And one star to rule them all.

Kirigami Star Posted on Feb 24, 10:02 pm
Really, I should just tear the paper apart with my teeth. My skill is worse than a left-handed kindergartener forced to use the regular scissors.

A Rainbow Star In A Dichromatic World Posted on Feb 24, 12:02 am
It's a rainbow star. Sort of. I swear this time it wasn't my fault that I didn't follow the directions. Really.

Crimson Star and Crispy Wires Posted on Feb 23, 1:02 am
Will I ever get to the mosaic? Maybe not. But in the meantime, here's a crimson star and yet another reason my internet has gone out.

Procrastination Posted on Feb 22, 1:02 am
Didn't quite get around to the mosaic today. Tomorrow is another day.

Mixing It Up Posted on Feb 21, 1:02 am
Half of one, half of another, nothing to write home about.

Is That The Sound Of Trumpets? Posted on Feb 20, 1:02 am
The dreaded sixteen point star! And it even has the correct number of points. You will be awed and amazed. Maybe.

Propeller Posted on Feb 18, 11:02 pm
Yet another star by the seat of my pants. Perhaps I should go back to the instruction book.

Clashing Star Posted on Feb 17, 12:02 am
Orange and purple -- do they go together? I think they didn't when I was younger, but times change.

Chaos Star Posted on Feb 15, 10:02 pm
I decided I don't follow instructions well, so I threw them out completely.

A Garden Thing Posted on Feb 13, 6:02 pm
I replanted a raised bed. And also made another attempt to take a decent picture of the little dog. One was more successful than the other.

Tulips Posted on Feb 13, 12:02 am
Not much to look at, but at least it was quick and easy!

The Ten... Uh, Make That Nine Point Star Posted on Feb 12, 1:02 am
My perfectionist nature has yet to emerge. Oh well.

Pinwheel! Posted on Feb 11, 12:02 am
Pinwheel origami star, plus bonus pictures of all four cats stealing the only available seating. And paste eating, lots of paste eating...

Two-Layer Star Posted on Feb 10, 1:02 am
Seven layer dip. No wait, just a two-layer star. Damn.

Red Rose Posted on Feb 9, 12:02 am
So easy a child could make it. Or a person drinking. I'll drink to that!

Stars Don't Fall So Much As Get Chewed Up Posted on Feb 8, 12:02 am
Another one bites the dust, but the new one makes up for it.

Disco Star Posted on Feb 7, 2:02 am
It doesn't glitter. But there's a bonus cat picture in a blatant attempt to pander to the taste of the Internet.

Such a Square Posted on Feb 6, 2:02 am
It's a star! It's a square! It's another example of why I shouldn't be allowed to touch a camera!

Even Stars Die Posted on Feb 5, 1:02 am
One star dies (and yes, this is why we can't have nice things), another is born. Also, I tracked down a music video image because I'm just that dedicated to bad jokes.

The Donut Star (Like the Death Star, Only Crumbier) Posted on Feb 4, 1:02 am
Today's origami star has a hole in the middle. Just like my head.

It's Full of Stars! Posted on Feb 3, 1:02 am
In which I make it through the second easy papercraft item. Also, a diet of chips and salsa and cookies is starting to get old.

The Ancient Art of Making Cat Toys Posted on Feb 2, 2:02 am
In which I make my first "origami suncatcher", which I don't think is really origami, and is currently not in the sun...

The Best Part About Leaving Posted on Dec 31, 10:12 pm
Home again. The cats are pleased (at least until they notice that the all-you-can-eat buffet has been shut down).

Textures Posted on Dec 31, 12:12 am
In which I marvel that so many patterns and textures can be combined...

The Things She Carried Posted on Dec 30, 12:12 am
I don't remember Jane Austen's heroines having one bag just for power cords when traveling, but maybe they were in one of the chests.

Survival Gear Posted on Dec 29, 1:12 am
Necessities during family gatherings...

It Wasn't Me Posted on Dec 28, 1:12 am
I know I've eaten a bunch of cookies, but I'm not the reason the first step going up to my room has cracked...

Look Up! Posted on Dec 27, 2:12 am
In which I try to figure out how many smoke alarms have been installed and removed in this room. If you're bored enough to read this one, let me know what you think they all are...

Challenges Posted on Dec 26, 1:12 am
As if blogging from the iPad isn't enough of a challenge...

Christmas Eve Cookies Posted on Dec 24, 11:12 pm
In which I send the dog away to the orphanage and make cookies that _taste_ okay...

If You Value Your Life... Stay Away From Midsomer Posted on Dec 24, 12:12 am
In which I fear that all television detectives would be fired for poor performance. Plus bonus cat pictures!

Someday I Shall Aim For Merely Pathetic! Posted on Dec 23, 12:12 am
In which I show some of the outtakes, which really are worse than the pictures I normally show. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.

A Picture Perfect Evening Posted on Dec 22, 12:12 am
New and improved, now with fewer words. Plus a picture of the completely totally gosh it's got to be legit massage parlor at the end of my street.

Ansel Adams In Training Posted on Dec 21, 12:12 am
In which I resolve to get better at taking pictures and firmly establish the baseline.

Just Speak English, Dammit! Posted on Dec 20, 1:12 am
In which I learn something about Australia and cheese. And maybe flan.

Science! Posted on Dec 19, 12:12 am
In which I complain about the poor safety standards employed by scientists studying zombies.

Keeping the Pro in Procrastination Posted on Dec 18, 12:12 am
In which I remember everything that I was supposed to do today now that it is safely past the time that I could do them...

It's Alive! Posted on Dec 17, 12:12 am
In which I rejoice in the fact that exercising has not yet killed me.

Do Zombies Dream Of Cephalic Peeps? Posted on Dec 16, 12:12 am
In which I get sidetracked by the physiology of zombies.

You Can Just Take Your Jingle And Shove It! Posted on Dec 15, 12:12 am
In which I tilt at the holiday music windmill. The little dog will be playing the part of Sancho Panza when it hits the big screen.

Great Bags Of Fire! Posted on Dec 13, 11:12 pm
In which neighborhood luminary night almost got a whole lot more exciting...

Where Should I Put This? Posted on Dec 13, 1:12 am
In which my brain decides to map out pathways as one-way streets. But I can still remember all the lyrics to every song I listened to in the 80s!

Feeling A Little Tropical Posted on Dec 12, 1:12 am
In which I spend the morning wrangling cats in order to get some heat...

Day Had Dawned Cold And Gray... Posted on Dec 11, 12:12 am
In which the cats try to murder the dog, and I try to claim that I'm freezing to death just because I had to put on a sweatshirt.

Four Cat Night Posted on Dec 10, 12:12 am
In which I find out that the neighbors thought my failing furnace sound was an alien landing.

The Home Ownership Blues (and Purples!) Posted on Dec 8, 11:12 pm
In which I complain about home ownership and feel sorry for my designer who has to deal with my terrible taste in decorations. Also, my dog continues to be a jerk.

The Players In Agility Posted on Dec 8, 12:12 am
In which my little dog continues to be a jerk so it's good that I love her anyhow...

How Much Is That Puppy In The Yard Next Door? Posted on Dec 6, 9:12 pm
In which I kidnap the puppy from next door and play with him and then send him back all muddy.

Zombies, Wait For Me! Posted on Dec 5, 11:12 pm
In which I sit around. Plus bonus floofy cat picture!

Can I Plead Insanity? Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 pm
It's a grocery shopping trip gone horribly wrong because clearly I've gone insane.

Novel Poetry Posted on Dec 3, 9:12 pm
In which I give you terrible limericks about my 2015 NaNoWriMo novel. Hey, at least I'm not forcing you to read the whole thing!

Secret Cat Scrolls Posted on Dec 2, 3:12 pm
A partially-burned secret document taken from the cats showing the early morning bed evacuation plan...

Exercise Indulgences Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 am
Buying exercise equipment ought to magically make me in better shape, right? Right?




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