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It's Almost Over Posted on Dec 31, 2:12 pm
Holidailies will end. And, maybe my blogging will end for now. Or forever.

Going Through the Motions Posted on Dec 31, 12:12 am
Sloth isn't becoming, but I do it so well.

Schedule Posted on Dec 29, 12:12 pm
What if I didn't have a schedule?

The Last Haircut Posted on Dec 28, 8:12 am
And so it goes. As my dad used to say: "There's always something to take the joy out of life."

Boxing Day Posted on Dec 27, 12:12 pm
Boxing day is about giving to the less fortunate? Or the elites casting stuff off to their workers? Well, I'm definitely very lucky.

All is Merry and Calm Posted on Dec 25, 4:12 pm
I try to enjoy the time to read and think. But things hang over my head.

Am I Better Now? Posted on Dec 24, 11:12 am
I'll have some tamales! Maybe some Molé Enchiladas with Cheese. A Margarita. The allergies have made my appetite a little wonky. Maybe I feel better because all that sounds good even though I'm not hungry.

I Wasn't Here Yesterday Posted on Dec 22, 8:12 am
But is there anything more miserable than sneezing and blowing your nose and not even being able to read or watch TV comfortably because your eyes hurt?

It's Almost Christmas Posted on Dec 20, 9:12 pm
I would like to be invited to a White Elephant party. I think these are hilarious and fun. Gift-wrapping some stupid (or even nice) thing you don't want and then having an exchange. Does anybody do those things any longer? Well, I miss them.

Perils of Paper Posted on Dec 20, 12:12 am
When I have these great ideas about cleaning out it usually ends like it did today: ink on my hands, a few sacks for recycling and, no, I'm not caught up. But I love the papers.

Between the Lines Posted on Dec 18, 4:12 pm
I like the predictability and yet the surprise.

Health and Hope, My Medical Nihilism Posted on Dec 17, 11:12 am
All the rest of you should get tested for everything, take statins, etc. etc. (And get a flu shot for heaven's sake.) I'm the control group.

Enjoying the Holidays Posted on Dec 16, 9:12 pm
Best holiday ever.

Puzzled Posted on Dec 15, 11:12 pm
I find it interesting to observe how people do puzzles. Most people start a jigsaw by finding the edges and assembling them to give everything a frame of reference.

Books, Books Everywhere and No Time to Read! Posted on Dec 14, 3:12 pm
I think I could become a recluse and never venture out to bookstores or the library or get another newspaper or magazine and could read for years without reading the same thing twice.

Retirement Routine Posted on Dec 13, 3:12 pm
But the routines, the things we usually do, give life some shape. Sixteen years after retiring from the life defined by work routines, it gives some comfort.

My Boycott of Football Posted on Dec 12, 5:12 pm
Isn't it funny that boycott has 'boy' right in it? Although I have just this minute learned that the etymology of the word boycott and it's an eponym!

Many Prompts I Couldn't Follow Posted on Dec 11, 11:12 pm
Yesterday I really had no excuse for not writing. I have, after all, made a list of over a hundred topics for my 'by the numbers' memoir.

Culture is a Funny Thing Posted on Dec 9, 9:12 pm
I'm sure I begged for the gun and the hat. The doll was meant to try to interest me in dolls, I think.

The Spirit of the Season Posted on Dec 8, 11:12 pm
Some people are always willing to inject that little bit of fun into things.

The Holiday Card Conundrum Posted on Dec 7, 1:12 pm
I have exhausted this topic for yet another year. It makes me tired. I feel like the introvert I am at a cocktail party full of people I know but I don't know what to say to them.

I Meant to Post Yesterday Posted on Dec 6, 8:12 am
I have gotten our Christmas tree out. (Normal size ornaments are shown for reference.)

And So It Begins...The Holiday Puzzle Posted on Dec 4, 10:12 pm
So we are starting a thousand piece puzzle, having expanded our dining table to accommodate it on one end.

It's Always Something Posted on Dec 4, 12:12 am
Ready for Christmas season but actually falling apart.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Posted on Dec 2, 8:12 pm
Such an interesting time of the year for children who, like me decades ago, look forward to ripping off that colorful paper and having what the heart desires. Or maybe it would appear, unwrapped under the tree while you slept. These days, for us, there are rarely wrapped presents...

Holidailies-Repetition Brings Reputation Posted on Dec 1, 4:12 pm
If you just ramble, is it writing? Because that's what this first entry does. Imaginary memoirs, dictionaries, words, crosswords.

Aimless Posted on Dec 31, 5:12 pm
Where I talk about lists and my sloth and show a picture from the 50's. No style points on this finish.

Almost Done with The Holidays Posted on Dec 29, 2:12 pm
Winding down the year and the holidays with a few get-togethers and parties and the usual year-end worries.

Collecting 101 Posted on Dec 28, 11:12 pm
The pleasures and perils of collecting.

Unmet Obligations Posted on Dec 27, 3:12 pm
Wherein I make my excuse for not posting by talking about what I've been doing while absent from the blog. And also post pictures: of the missed jigsaw, music events, the evolving skyline and something unusual for sale at the annual Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

All I Want For Christmas Posted on Dec 23, 6:12 pm
I review a silly Christmas list I made. And the presents I've received. And reveal that two days before Christmas almost no one is shopping at furniture and lighting stores.

Missed a Day Again Posted on Dec 22, 11:12 am
Events and the holiday are taking time but "We got the mail and there were three holiday cards. But I was winning because I'd already sent a card to each family."

And The Holiday Continues Posted on Dec 20, 5:12 pm
Wherein I catch you up on decoration, holiday cards, and our social schedule.

I Wish I'd Paid More Attention to Mythology Posted on Dec 19, 4:12 pm
I really think it's useful to know what people once believed and, for that matter, what they believe now.

The One Thing That Connects Us All Posted on Dec 18, 11:12 am
I don't want to be any trouble in my inevitable disappearance. We all die. But first, we experience over and over when others pass.

Get Those Cards Out Posted on Dec 16, 5:12 pm
It's only nine days until Christmas and so not much time to have my Merry Christmas card arrive before Christmas (or the end of Hanukkah). Why did I print 'Merry Christmas?' So tribal. Dang. Also, if it said 'Happy New Year' then it could arrive, well, anytime in January.

The Nutcracker Posted on Dec 15, 4:12 pm
FFP saw many of the productions from the wings in his years as a VIP Mother Ginger wrangler. Tonight he will don the new costume and ride the skirt portion on stage, propelled by stagehands and with children dressed as bonbons lurking underneath. The bonbons will emerge, he will try to upstage them with his 'moves' (but their proud relatives in the audience will ignore him) and he will be wheeled off.

Connection Time Posted on Dec 14, 2:12 pm
People like to get mail. I do. Of course, I always hope that the cards I get are from people I already sent them to! And that I remember who the heck they are and why we know them. (There are people in the database that I am at a loss to tell you how they got there.)

In the Spirit of the Season Posted on Dec 13, 3:12 pm
"Yeah, so if you are going to be cooped up in a space, it might as well be whimsical." Oh...and there's Alfred Hitchcok.

Christmas Desire Posted on Dec 12, 6:12 pm
That's me with a doll dressed in jeans and T-Shirt (an attempt to get me to like a baby doll). Obviously, I got a hat and gun. The homemade jeans and shirt might have been handed down.

Staycation Posted on Dec 11, 12:12 pm
Staycations change one's perspective briefly and concentrate one's attention apart from the distractions of the apartment.

Travel, Half a Century Ago Posted on Dec 10, 10:12 am
...the tourists with their outfits and their giant flash cameras with exploding bulbs...

Santa Arrived Posted on Dec 9, 1:12 pm
Wherein I look back on a Christmas morning for two of my cousins through slides my aunt had in her collection.

Nostalgia Posted on Dec 8, 5:12 pm
Nostalgia is a great time waster.

Oops...where did yesterday go? Posted on Dec 7, 9:12 am
I tried for most of the day to conquer the newspapers threatening the place with a hoarders license.

Social Networking Posted on Dec 5, 5:12 pm
My Instagram account has one picture (of tacos).

My Body is a... Posted on Dec 4, 3:12 pm
...temple? Uh, no....No, my body is a laboratory.

The Puzzle Addiction Posted on Dec 3, 5:12 pm
What is it about puzzles? Why can't I quit them?

Tennis Posted on Dec 2, 2:12 pm
While I love tennis, I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it. I would say I'm addicted to puzzles, coffee, and cheese.

Welcome Back to the Stacks Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 pm
My blog returns after going silent after Holidailies 2016. My ability to write is haunted by unread newspapers. Or so I claim.

Collecting my Thoughts and Other Things Posted on Jan 1, 11:01 am
All day I thought about the things I might write about: cleaning, collections, pastimes, taxes, summing up the greeting card 'season,' etc. Also, my boycott of football.

True Facts Posted on Dec 30, 1:12 pm
The truth is so elusive.

Social, Media and Social Media Posted on Dec 29, 7:12 pm
I hope social media keeps going as a through line to people's real lives. But I hope we rely on real media produced by journalists to give us news.

Old Friends Posted on Dec 28, 5:12 pm
I doubt I'll ever do any travel or meet-ups in distant spots with any of these gals again nor will we have any of the more adventurous activities of our past. But we have lots of memories.And I'll cherish them as long as I can remember them.

Trivial Things Posted on Dec 27, 2:12 pm
A story about a starving teenager who died after eating poisonous roots in Venezuela or a Middle Easter family trying to assimilate in the U.S. after fleeing and spending years in a refugee camp, that's the perfect antidote to the trivial things that irritate me.

Holiday Cards Posted on Dec 26, 10:12 am
There was a time when we had more ephemera and it was fun to save it: letters, cards, ticket stubs, playbills, pamphlets, etc.

Christmas is a Day of Rest Posted on Dec 25, 9:12 am
Today is Christmas. And Sunday. I plan to publish this without editing and curl up in my chair with The New York Times magazine puzzles and CBS Sunday Morning.

Movies Posted on Dec 23, 3:12 pm
We are doing better than usual seeing movies that are being talked about this season. It's all due to the little cinema (Violet Crown) over on 2nd Street just two blocks away.

Retirement Posted on Dec 22, 3:12 pm
I'm always telling people who retire that I'll advise them. But, really, I've failed at managing my own.

The Chair Posted on Dec 21, 2:12 pm
It would be a documentary film. It would be called "Chair."

I Resolve Posted on Dec 20, 12:12 pm
Why that picture? Because a lot of people (and possibly me in the past) often resolve to drink less.

Bargaining With Myself Posted on Dec 19, 2:12 pm
I spend a lot of time inside my head. I think 'what should I do next?' and 'if I accomplish some task, what could I then do that's fun?' and 'how long am I going to sit here thinking instead of doing?'

Read More Posted on Dec 18, 3:12 pm
What do I do instead of reading?

Upon Reflection Posted on Dec 17, 7:12 am
Perhaps it's because I prefer not to look at things straight on, especially myself.

Every Move You Make Posted on Dec 16, 9:12 am
And we perform, our bodies perform, on a whirling rock in a vast space. It's enough to make one sit quietly in the easy chair and try to work a Friday NY Times puzzle.

Housecleaning Posted on Dec 15, 8:12 am
Wherein I use writing in this blog as yet another reason I'm not cleaning house.

The Parties Posted on Dec 14, 10:12 am
We might be invited to a Boxing Day party and a New Year's Day get together. I'm sort of looking forward to Christmas Day when no one invites us anywhere.

Travel Quests Posted on Dec 13, 8:12 am
Have you ever traveled somewhere just to see some event or one particular landmark or eat somewhere or, um, buy books?

Gadget World Posted on Dec 12, 8:12 am
I had a Palm Pilot, I just remembered. With that silly set of shorthand marks you made with your stylus to write.

Tennis Posted on Dec 11, 10:12 am
Tennis. Stuff. Two of my favorite subjects when I have committed to write something!

Total Stranger Posted on Dec 10, 8:12 am
I'm intrigued by the appearance of these people I don't know in my photos.

Depression Posted on Dec 9, 8:12 am
Just with a bit of a black cloud or with a black dog following along.

Here's to a Random Slide Show Posted on Dec 8, 8:12 am
I often feel better about it all when I consider life a random set of images and feelings instead of something we plan or control.

It's Only a Game Posted on Dec 7, 2:12 am
I sometimes think we do this because real life, where things really do matter and sometimes are matters of life and death, is too complicated. We can understand the rules, play between the lines, get control.

Getting in the Spirit Posted on Dec 6, 8:12 am
I understand my tribe's myths in the context of other myths. But I still get a little cultural push from the songs, traditions, pagan trees, etc. Usually.

Addiction Posted on Dec 5, 12:12 pm
We watched some old movies and one of them was "The Lost Weekend." It kindled something I've been thinking about lately and that is addiction.

Pen Sets Posted on Dec 4, 8:12 am
A lot of us of a certain age received 'pen sets' for Christmas, birthdays and, especially, graduations.

Dear Santa: Not These Either Posted on Dec 3, 8:12 am
In further news of what is not on my wish list: no more gadgets

Wish List Posted on Dec 2, 8:12 am
Instead of wishing for them, I have cataloged things I own already obviating the need for more.

Ten Thousand Things Posted on Dec 1, 8:12 am
Christmas makes me think about things.




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