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Bio: I like horses, hockey, horsepower, and hiking. The rest is mutable.

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Is it too early for the winter doldrums? Posted on Dec 22, 9:12 am
I'm mopey, but riding and the prospect of hockey help.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Posted on Dec 21, 8:12 am
This everlasting cold virus has flared up again. In the absence of interesting activity to report, I give to you Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, in Anglo-Saxon.

Sitting here in Blue Jay Way Posted on Dec 19, 9:12 am
Weekend recap: work, hockey, horse.

Sesquicentennial segue Posted on Dec 16, 9:12 am
I'm cold, sleepy, and verklempt.

Recycling a title from an old entry: Posted on Dec 14, 1:12 pm
Itís the most [something] time of the year.

Getting back to it Posted on Dec 13, 7:12 pm
I ride again but am foiled by cold hands.

Oh, crap Posted on Dec 12, 10:12 am
Another quiet weekend while recuperating.

Tonightís menu: boring NHL games Posted on Dec 9, 9:12 pm
A tiny bit better.

Butt. Posted on Dec 8, 8:12 pm
Have I mentioned I feel like butt?

Hack-a-hack Posted on Dec 6, 9:12 pm
I give up and go to the doctor in search of relief

Unhealthy scratch Posted on Dec 5, 8:12 pm
Still sick, but at least the Bruins game is on.

Snerk, sniff, honk, kaff kaff. Posted on Dec 4, 4:12 pm
More whining about being sick.

Stubbed up Posted on Dec 3, 9:12 pm
Another shortie. Still sick.

The pizza is still going down easy Posted on Dec 2, 8:12 pm
My nose is running so please enjoy an artistic rendering of my horse,

In to the indoor Posted on Dec 1, 8:12 pm
My horse looks slightly less bored than usual. Also, rain foiled my attempt to ride outside.




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