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you donít want to see me when i donít get what i want Posted on Dec 30, 4:12 pm
Ten things about me.

sometimes my mind plays tricks on me Posted on Dec 20, 11:12 am
My anxiety has been through the roof lately.

ainít nobodyís hero but i wanna be heard Posted on Dec 7, 11:12 pm
A little late in the game this year, but the boys made up their Christmas wish lists last night and it was really hard to keep a straight face. Posted on Dec 6, 10:12 pm
I ended up snipping a lot of the ranting that followed that first bit. Instead, you guys are getting some of my favorites from Ye Olde Christmas Playlist.

stand in the line just to hit a new low Posted on Dec 5, 6:12 pm
Our uneventful weekend ended with a bang, literally.

in the evenings i try to stay awake Posted on Dec 4, 9:12 pm
The kids were super amusing today, but it was still a long damn day.

i was sitting at home breaking down Posted on Dec 3, 5:12 pm
Not really breaking down though; itís been a boring Saturday at home! Which has been really nice!

they sold me a dream of christmas Posted on Dec 2, 12:12 pm
We decided to work on the rest of the decorating tonight and over the weekend.

i took the bull by the horns and gave you plenty to scorn Posted on Dec 1, 9:12 am
Come on in, have some coffee, stay awhile.




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