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Unscalable Posted on Feb 6, 1:02 am
I want them to insist on supporting me, even when I dont know how to let them in.

Abandonment Posted on Feb 3, 4:02 pm
As in my paintings, it seemed to turn toward me and then, as weariness overtook me, turned away, darker and more foreboding than when it looked towards me.

Fear of the Inexplicable Posted on Feb 2, 8:02 pm
How do I fight this dragon who isn't fire and brimstone, isn't full of harsh words or endless darkness?

Change Posted on Feb 2, 8:02 pm
Change has been a long time coming

New York Christmas, day 2 Posted on Dec 3, 1:12 am
"We feel cynical and jaded at a world that is too loud, too violent, too sharp against the soft edges of our innocence to truly feel in awe of the world."

New York Christmas, day 1 Posted on Dec 2, 1:12 am
I struggle with the guilt and freedom of exploring a new adventure, despite the fact that both of us have undoubtedly earned every moment of this trip.




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