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RIP Azzie (April 1999 - December 2018) Posted on Dec 30, 6:12 pm
Grief is the price we pay for love, but it is worth it.

A Musical Holiay Posted on Dec 3, 11:12 pm
Although I don't quite "get" the secular Christmas holiday, I still like some of the music.

Next! Posted on Dec 2, 1:12 am
The secular holiday of Christmas is for kids, I think. To the rest of it, I say Bah! Humbug.

Not an Instruction Manual Posted on Dec 16, 3:12 pm
1984 was not an instruction manual. I get political. You have been warned.

The 300(+) Posted on Dec 14, 5:12 pm
Time to continue, not start over.

The High Speed Romancealogical Database Posted on Dec 9, 6:12 pm
Not to devalue the romance genre at all, but I'm sure there's a lot of bad ones out there.

And This Time, I Mean It! Posted on Dec 8, 7:12 pm
'Tis the season for the wheezin'. Or something.

Adventure Time! Posted on Dec 7, 2:12 pm
At least we know the cat's feeling better now.

The Tale of the Lonely Spider Posted on Dec 7, 1:12 pm
The spider was lonely, so we added Cthulhu and a Dalek to keep him company.




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