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Bio: Fiction writer. Public librarian. Online diarist since '98. Gamer since birth. Partner to @FunkyPlaid. Always writing things down with nice pens. She/her.

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Ginkgo leaves in California last week. Posted on Dec 3, 1:12 am
(I needed to share something brighter than the last post.)

Treading the water of okay. Posted on Dec 2, 10:12 pm
Iíll follow the lead of my dear sharky friend and try to sum up 2018. Another friend recently asked how I was doing and I spewed a bunch of words, then immediately regretted not answering with a simple, ďOkay, howís by you?Ē

Homesick. Posted on Dec 7, 1:12 am
Have you ever been homesick for more than one home?

Bloom off the rose. Posted on Dec 6, 1:12 am
I donít mean to eavesdrop on the breakup. My earbuds are in but Iíve woken up with a start, and the podcast that I was listening to has ended. I donít have noise-canceling earbuds, so if there isnít anything playing I can hear everything going on around me.

Encyclopedia Brown and Mister Rogers. Posted on Dec 5, 2:12 am
I donít remember a time when I wasnít obsessed with notebooks. The first notebook I remember loving so hard that I wore it down to a floppy nub was spiral-bound with an orange cover. In my notebook I wrote down a lot of facts that I thought Encyclopedia Brown would need to know if he ever needed my help to solve one of his cases.

Postponing nothing. Posted on Dec 4, 1:12 am
Sometimes when I stroll through the circulation workroom of my library, a book cover catches my eye but because my to-read pile is already unreasonably large, I will merely nod respectfully to it and keep walking. Yeah, right.

Not mine anymore. Posted on Dec 3, 11:12 pm
Face-down on the operating table, Iím not yet numb. This part had escaped my meticulous mental preparation ó not so meticulous after all ó and when I realize that the numbing portion of the dayís festivities will involve injections of lidocaine, the familiar effervescence of panic travels across the backs of my arms and into my scalp.

Where were you? Posted on Dec 2, 3:12 am
I hear a piercing cry from somewhere in the house. Itís a small house, but sound carries and bounces and hides. I do a full circuit, glancing in all of the usual places, and get halfway around again before I hear another cry, this time from upstairs.

On making messes. Posted on Dec 6, 7:12 pm
I have never been terribly good at making messes. I cringe at my own floundering, especially when it comes to writing, because my taste is better than my current skill level. NaNoWriMo was a special kind of hell for me.

Perpetual twilight in the Beast's castle. Posted on Dec 5, 12:12 pm
So what’s a sick, sleep-deprived, creatively-stagnant, FunkyPlaid-missing swan to do? You’re right. Touring spooky castles in virtual reality is a spectacular idea.

Holidailies 2015. Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 am
Hello again, Holidailies! I decided to celebrate my first-ever NaNoWriMo win with another month-long writing project.




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