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Conversations With Kidlet Posted on Dec 18, 12:12 am
Bits of conversations with my teenager, including one rather chock full of curse words, so reader beware.

Sunday Stealing - Fashion Asks Posted on Dec 16, 6:12 pm
Iím still on the mend from last nightís headache adventure, and by ďadventureĒ, I mean ďsleigh-ride through HellĒ. And itís still raining outside, so Iím going to write this real quick before the meds wear off.

Christmas Music Video Posted on Dec 16, 12:12 am
I have a horrendous headache, due to the rain that has been going on for the last couple of days. I can barely stand to look at the computer screen for more than five minutes at a time, so Iím going to attach a video and then head for bed.

Random Prompt - Surviving the Holidays Posted on Dec 15, 3:12 am
In which I use the random prompt generator and then blather on for a good while.

You Can't Make Me Choose Posted on Dec 14, 2:12 am
I donít remember when this question was first posed to me. High school? College? I do remember that I was 1) young, and 2) full of piss and vinegar. That second part hasnít changed much.

Weird Day Posted on Dec 13, 12:12 am
My day at work today was one of those where all of the mechanical beasts that I use on a daily basis decided to be giant pains in my ass.

Nerdiments Posted on Dec 12, 1:12 am
Spellcheck doesnít like my title. Thatís weird!

The Thing About Sweaters Posted on Dec 11, 12:12 am
I have a confession. Though, itís not so much a confession but more of a highlight. Confessing feels like Iím doing something wrong, and Iím not.

Sunday Stealing - Dreamy Posted on Dec 10, 3:12 am
Sunday Stealing Survey.

Insomnia Bites Posted on Dec 9, 3:12 am
The few wisps of energy I had left have wafted away, and Iím about to turn into a pumpkin.

Reflections - Five Things Posted on Dec 8, 1:12 am
Next up, I take off my wig and have a lime popsicle instead of an orange one. No stopping me!

Avocado Toast Adventures Posted on Dec 7, 12:12 am
I donít know when avocado toast became something attributed to the Millennial generation, but I can assure you I was born long before then.

A Rework of a Favorite Christmas Song Posted on Dec 5, 11:12 pm
One of my favorite parts of the winter holiday season is the music that goes along with it, both the spiritual and the secular.

Recipe for Cranberry Streusel Shortbread Bars Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 pm
For as much as I like the fall and winter holiday season, I really am not much of a fan for some of the more popular seasonal flavors.

'Tis the Season for... Evil Stamps Posted on Dec 4, 12:12 am
Iím not entirely sure this will be better than sending out Santas in February.

Sunday Stealing -- Art Historic Posted on Dec 3, 12:12 am
I don't have a lot of gas in the tank, since I walked five and a half miles around the San Diego Zoo today and then had a delightful dinner that involved beer. So, I'll try a survey.

Holidailies 2018, Intro Posted on Dec 2, 1:12 am
Well, let me just dust this thing offÖ pull up a couple of the drop clothsÖ




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