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Christmas mirage Posted on Dec 27, 11:12 pm
Never going to Beer and Carols again.

Walloped Posted on Dec 23, 9:12 pm
Christmastime flu. At least I feel less guilty about having not wrapped a single present.

Methodists and their crazy fun ideas Posted on Dec 19, 10:12 pm
There's nothing quite like singing "O Little Town of Bethlehem" while drinking craft beer beneath a bank of televisions airing college football bowl games.

First Christmas present Posted on Dec 18, 10:12 pm
Would it be awkward if I gave him something expensive and he gave me a box of assorted Post-Its or something?

Key ring Posted on Dec 17, 8:12 pm
A lot of shopping going on this week because Christmas always comes sneaks up on me.

Lucky suit Posted on Dec 16, 10:12 pm
Two more holiday parties scratched off the to-do list.

Paul's plan Posted on Dec 12, 9:12 pm
The part of the Christmas season when any idea for a present sounds good.

Dear Charles Posted on Dec 10, 10:12 pm
“By the way, Charles, I have two daughters that are real pretty too. Will that entice you a little?"

Under the trumpet section Posted on Dec 9, 11:12 pm
Learning more about my mom through a stranger's belongings.

Making everyone less than happy Posted on Dec 6, 10:12 pm
Bringing people together can be thankless work.

Squirrel Syndrome Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
We both suffer from Squirrel Syndrome, that thing that happens when your thoughts are suddenly interrupted.

So that's a Christmas tree Posted on Dec 4, 10:12 pm
Perhaps there are ways other than decorations to reopen the place in my heart that is made of tinsel and twinkle lights.

Glad I couldn't dodge the invitation Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 pm
Frustrating day but a good year.

Snow, cookies, holiday cards--sounds nice Posted on Dec 2, 9:12 pm
A new blanket of snow, freshly baked cookies and making a holiday card sounds like a perfect winter day...until there's no time to nap.

Cookies Posted on Dec 2, 12:12 am
The year that Christmas cookies came early.

Enraged sputtering stage Posted on Jan 1, 10:01 pm
I’d spew about it longer but am still in the enraged sputtering stage.

Furnaces Posted on Dec 30, 8:12 pm
I inherited by my dad's worry wort syndrome especially is it applies to central heating.

Unbreakable Posted on Dec 27, 11:12 pm
Coffee with a friend on a cold day.

Binge Posted on Dec 26, 8:12 pm
Just a recovery day.

Holidays go on Posted on Dec 24, 11:12 pm
The family get togethers.

One down, two to go Posted on Dec 24, 8:12 am
Written in the early hours of the 24th about the 23rd.

Gettin' fussy Posted on Dec 22, 10:12 pm
A full day of Christmas shopping. What could be better?

Dinner party Posted on Dec 22, 4:12 am
Had I not had to drive myself home, I would have indulged until I could only slur for "another round of Torry."

Establishing terms Posted on Dec 19, 8:12 pm
Husbands are welcome but we better not go where they clap, sing or an any way acknowledge a birthday.

Dusting plumbing Posted on Dec 19, 10:12 am
Christmas cleaning

Paved with music Posted on Dec 18, 11:12 am
Looks like my road to hell is paved with music.

The doorbell rang once Posted on Dec 16, 11:12 pm
“Eve said you like Diet Coke. Thought you might need one by now.”

Getting used to one another Posted on Dec 16, 11:12 am
A rough day with the puppy.

Learning the ropes Posted on Dec 14, 8:12 pm
First day of puppy sitting, otherwise known as How I Got These Scars.

It’s temporary Posted on Dec 13, 10:12 pm
They’re afraid their adorable little puppy may take to the air one day and sail out of the loft right down to the living room.

Mountains Posted on Dec 12, 10:12 pm
The difference between the two incidents was in the expression of trust and respect.

On and On Posted on Dec 11, 10:12 pm
Monday grumps.

Flu Posted on Dec 10, 5:12 pm
The flu thwarts Holidailies.

Wait, wha? Posted on Dec 6, 6:12 pm
Months of worry and stress for nothing.

Witness Posted on Dec 5, 9:12 pm
As it turns out, I stay calm but I don't retain any information.

Enthusiasm and energy Posted on Dec 4, 9:12 pm
I figured things out one YouTube tutorial at a time.

A pony, of course Posted on Dec 3, 7:12 pm
Is it really a good gift if it isn't made from plastic?

Recipe for discarding cookbooks Posted on Dec 2, 10:12 pm
Either the books have to go into the garbage or I have to buy a bigger car.

Christmas calm Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 pm
When things are stressful it pays to savor the calming moments.




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