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POD: Christmas Concert Posted on Dec 23, 7:12 pm
Tonight the kidís school has their Christmas Concert. Of course, it was complicated by Violetís DS Christmas hockey skate and party......

POD: Her Happy place Posted on Dec 23, 3:12 pm
Tonight we have a picture of Violet in her happy place. In front of the net with her stick on the ice.

POD: New Mouth Guard Posted on Dec 20, 8:12 am
Today I picked up Violet's new mouth guard from the dentist. I love that we get a plaster mold of her teeth to go with the guard.

POD: Jingles gets some cookies Posted on Dec 19, 10:12 pm
Today Jingles seems to have been craving some cookies

POD: Last Climbing Class Posted on Dec 19, 10:12 am
[Almost caught up here on Holidailies]Today was Jacobís last day of Climbing class so to celebrate I captured this picture of him climbing. When he started at Boulderz the thought of climbing upside down was...

POD: First presents under the tree Posted on Dec 18, 7:12 pm
Today we put the first presents for the kids under the tree. Of course, it was after they went to bed, so the kids havenít seen them yet.

POD: Christmas Spirt Week Posted on Dec 18, 1:12 pm
This week at Violetís dance studio was Christmas Spirit week. Which means to things, first that the kids get to dress....

POD: Waiting for the Dentist Posted on Dec 18, 6:12 am
Today Jacob headed to the dentist to get a cavity filled.It wasnít a fun time for my little man. After a rough start, he managed to get through it....

POD: Building with Gingerbred Posted on Dec 17, 9:12 pm
Today we headed to the kidís school for a night of fun, building gingerbread houses. It was a fun night with cookies and hot chocolate for the kids....

POD: Elf in the igloo Posted on Dec 17, 12:12 pm
Inspired by the kids attempt to build an igloo in the snow, our elf Jiggles built his own out of marshmellows.

POD: Jacob's guitar recital Posted on Dec 17, 12:12 pm
A picture from my son's first ever guitar recital.

POD: Second DS Game Posted on Dec 13, 7:12 am
I know that last game I used her lining up for a face-off, but I just love watching her standing there waiting for the puck to drop. It was a big game for our little hockey Diva.....

POD: Driving with Ruby Posted on Dec 13, 6:12 am
Today Ruby and I hit the road for a bit of a drive, I couldnít help but capture sitting there looking around.

POD: My Little Flower Posted on Dec 12, 2:12 pm
Today we have a picture of Violet her mother took while they headed to Dance class.

POD: Wednesday Night Practice Posted on Dec 12, 2:12 pm
(Catching up here at Holidailies) I know I share a lot of pictures of my little girl playing hockey. Itís just that she loves playing so much I canít help but share the pictures.

POD: Jingles and the Snowman Posted on Dec 7, 7:12 am
Tonight we have a picture of Jingles, hanging with one of our Christmas Snowmen. I couldnít help but...

POD: Monday Night Practice Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
After a weekend with 2 hockey games and a practice, we started the week off right back at the rink. She just canít get enough time on the ice.

POD: Decorating the Tree Posted on Dec 5, 3:12 am
Today we spent the day decorating our Christmas tree. It was fun going through all the different ornaments, listening to Christmas music.

POD: Climbing Posted on Dec 4, 4:12 pm
My sons new passion, rock climbing

POD: Dropping the puck on a new DS Season Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 am
Capturing Violets first Faceoff of a new DS hockey season

POD: The Return of Jingle Posted on Dec 1, 5:12 pm
With Christmas just over three weeks away, itís time for our little elf friend to...




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