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y'all ready for this Posted on Dec 3, 9:12 pm
I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything new right now.

somewhere in the sink downstairs lies an unwashed cup Posted on Dec 2, 9:12 pm
Itís the earliest night weíve had in well over a week.

if no one cried or died thatís a small success Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 pm
. . . tonight was opening night, and I canít think of a better way to kick off December!

it ain't too far, come as you are Posted on Dec 8, 1:12 pm
Henryís teacher saved his Halloween story for me.

you think you know what everyone needs Posted on Dec 7, 10:12 pm
As always, I remain a work in progress.

every girl knows about the punctual blues Posted on Dec 5, 9:12 pm
So, yeah. Hereís your daily dose of TMI.

you do or you donít or you will or wonít ya Posted on Dec 4, 9:12 pm
I donít care what side youíre on. Just act like youíve been here before. Jesus.

just ícause itís ítis the season Posted on Dec 3, 8:12 pm
Anyway, Henry had worn a hole in his sneakers and both boys are basically wearing floods at this point, so we were well past due for a Target run.

nothing to do, nowhere to go Posted on Dec 2, 7:12 pm
A pleasantly boring day, full of errands and bill-paying and cleaning.

free your inner soul and break away from tradition Posted on Dec 1, 9:12 pm
Took me a bit to get my act together on this. Not an auspicious start.




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