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Restless Posted on Dec 5, 2:12 am
Iím feeling that longing again, that restlessness that tends to bubble up, telling me that thereís something Iím meant to be doing with my life that Iím not.

Striving for the Spirit Posted on Dec 4, 2:12 am
The hazards of putting the kids to bed when they go to sleep in my bed. I lay down with them, just until they fall asleepÖ and then I wake up at 3 am, still in my jeans and with all the lights on downstairs.

That Time of Year Posted on Dec 2, 2:12 am
Maybe writing every day will get things more clear in my head, and in my heart, because Iíve been in a dark space lately and Iím counting the days until the Solstice, when the darkness begins to retreat and the light returns.

Mixed Bag Posted on Dec 4, 2:12 am
At the end of all the blah-blah, I post a puppy picture.

Loss for words Posted on Dec 3, 3:12 am
With no wisdom after today's tragedy, I offer a list of things that made me smile.

Feels like Winter Posted on Dec 2, 2:12 am
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