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The Power of Punctuation Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
I really have no words for this one. You just have to go look.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Opus 2 Posted on Dec 5, 12:12 am
Twas a night in December, and all through the house no musicians were present (can't speak for the mouse).

Check, Please Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 pm
The answer may not be at the beach, but shouldn't we at least check?

Beyond the Ledger Lines Posted on Dec 3, 12:12 am
In two weeks, it will be graduation day. And what a ride it's been.

Happy Holidailies Posted on Dec 1, 9:12 am
It has been so long, this morning I discovered I had changed my blog URL (forgot that happened), my domain expired (forgot to renew it), and oh yeah, maybe it's a good idea to put a TITLE on your post. Rusty McRusterson, table for one.

The Gentle Art of Persuasion Posted on Dec 4, 9:12 am
Here are actual opening phrases found in the subject headings of emails still (and probably forever) unopened.

The Thinnest Line Posted on Dec 3, 8:12 am
Yesterday there were no words, but this morning, there were just enough.

Love the One You're With Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 pm
Empathy is the polar opposite of selfie and in this increasingly self-promotional, hyper-politicized world, I have to admit that I really miss it.




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