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Homemade Class Valentines Posted on Feb 11, 2:02 am
The Girl makes Valentines! I help!

Valentine Art Posted on Feb 9, 4:02 am
Foam stickers! And a monster!

All I Made Was A Headache Posted on Feb 7, 1:02 am
A psuedo-entry, where I answer survey questions because only one cylinder is firing.

I made a toga! Sort of. Posted on Feb 3, 10:02 pm
The kid needs a costume for school. I manage to not completely screw it up.

Thingadailies For the Craft-Impaired Posted on Feb 2, 3:02 am
I'm as crafty as a bucket of breadcrusts. Also, a haiku! I made something!

Goodbye, 2015. Posted on Jan 1, 11:01 pm
I ponder the passage of time, and what the new year might mean.

Adventures in Hair Posted on Dec 31, 12:12 am
I get a haircut, and play mind games with my coworkers, mwa ha.

Short Star Wars/Fandom Survey Posted on Dec 30, 4:12 am
In which I borrow a survey and talk about fandoms.

The Holiday Hangover Posted on Dec 29, 2:12 am
It took me three days to write this, and it isn't even all that interesting. Sorry about that!

Relationship Ranting and the Perfect Party Posted on Dec 24, 3:12 pm
A writing prompt about parties turns into a singlehood defense rant.

Tired, and a Recipe Link Posted on Dec 24, 2:12 am
In which I get three hours sleep, and so I post a link to a recipe because I can't brain today.

Drugstore Awesome Posted on Dec 23, 3:12 am
I find a cheeseball CD in the bargain bin, and awesomeness ensues.

Christmas Tree Pictures Posted on Dec 22, 10:12 am
Pictures of some of the ornaments on our tree.

A Survey About Books Posted on Dec 22, 12:12 am
Catching up on posts with a survey about books.

Argh! Technical Difficulties! Posted on Dec 21, 10:12 am
My computer breaks, but then I fix it. Now I'll be playing catch-up.

Favorite Part? Giving. Posted on Dec 15, 3:12 am
The Holidailies prompt dialed up one about favorite parts of Christmas.

Lightening up with a Survey Posted on Dec 13, 4:12 am
In an effort to defuse some of the lingering somber, I answer a few hard-hitting questions about eggnog and tinsel.

Reflections on a Funeral Posted on Dec 12, 12:12 am
Things I saw today.

Science Magic, Magical Science Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
Science is magical. And, a link.

Shopping With The Girl, Forklift Edition Posted on Dec 3, 11:12 pm
Maybe a forklift would be the better way.

Favorite Lights Posted on Dec 3, 3:12 am
Short entry about lights.

What Does a Holiday Smell Like? Posted on Dec 2, 2:12 am
Of course, now I’m craving mint tea and sugar cookies. It might be time to stock the kitchen.




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