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that was fun Posted on Dec 9, 5:12 pm
Giving blood and receiving giggles.

more botchery Posted on Dec 7, 9:12 pm
Spending a cold day with a sewing machine and a parrot.

that's one day Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 pm
A day to feel okay.

on the edge Posted on Dec 4, 2:12 pm
the minimum

almost a year Posted on Dec 3, 11:12 am
A different parrot's personality

the bright spot Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 am
One thing about 2016 that doesn't suck.

learning about amani Posted on Dec 20, 1:12 pm
In which the flock learn about redbo Amani.

Amani tucks Posted on Dec 11, 8:12 pm
Mostly I admire our new little one, but I do manage to go outside and to read.

Amani's second day Posted on Dec 10, 10:12 pm
Life gets back to normal. Amani learns us and our routine. I read.

this season's stockings Posted on Dec 9, 10:12 am
I make stockings for the newlings of my acquaintance. I'm not much of a seamstress and my patience is best measured with a Geiger counter so results vary.

I missed a day Posted on Dec 8, 12:12 pm
I make Yule stockings. Or not.

decorating, docenting Posted on Dec 6, 8:12 pm
A gingerbread house, an afternoon at the library.

Minibreak in snow, with raptors Posted on Dec 6, 12:12 am
In which I don't ski.

from where I sit Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 am
Domesticity: I enjoy our house and sewing but I'm not good at either.

dream shoe Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 am
I thought I lacked the shoe gene but it was just latent.

rambling, settling in Posted on Dec 2, 10:12 am
We're adopting a new parrot. Soon.

holidaily the first Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 am
Thanksgiving. A wedding. Friends' children.




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