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Old dogs, new tricks Posted on Dec 16, 3:12 pm
Back to the foster dog: who knew it could be so hard to get a skinny dog to eat?

Better words than I can stitch together Posted on Dec 15, 1:12 pm
I've got no words for the news these days.

Heaven. Posted on Dec 9, 3:12 pm
Deep thoughts on heaven, inspired by a not-very-deep TV show.

You should follow this Twitter account. Posted on Dec 3, 4:12 pm
The Man Who Has It All is funny, full stop.

Another Buster update. Posted on Dec 2, 1:12 pm
More ramblings about our foster dog.

Let's do this thing. Posted on Jan 12, 12:01 am
Let's see if I can actually do this thing.




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