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The special sauce might not even technically be food. Don't care. Posted on Dec 3, 6:12 pm
Let’s talk about dinner for a second. Dinner is one of those guilt-laden topics for parents, because either you do what everyone tells you that you are supposed to do, which is whip up a healthy home-cooked meal for your children every night and sit down together with them to eat it, or you do something else, and if you do something else, you suck.

I didn't really want to write about this. Posted on Dec 2, 6:12 pm
Social media is really terrible in these moments. Really terrible.

Hello. Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 am
I went back and forth about how much detail to give on those intervening months. Do I do an annual Christmas-letter-style update? A month-by-month recap, giving you just the highlights, none of the angst, delivered with a glossy smile? Does anyone really enjoy reading those?




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