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Old Year's Revolutions 2015 Posted on Dec 31, 2:12 pm
A return of the old tradition of the That's My Bix! Year End video!

Trigger Posted on Dec 14, 1:12 pm
I was seven- or eight-years-old when someone put a hand gun in my hand and propped a sick bird -- a sparrow that the barn cats had been playing with -- up on a fence post and told me to pull the trigger to put the bird out of its misery. I couldn't do it -- not because I felt bad about the bird (I did, I've always been a tender-hearted fool) but I physically didn't have the hand strength to pull the trigger, which was sticky. I'm not sure why this adult gave a kid a handgun and told her to shoot

An ode to fungus Posted on Dec 12, 5:12 pm
Esteban is a really social person and is an extravert. Second, believe it or not, I’m an introvert at heart. So if Esteban is relying on me to give him 100% of his social stimulation, that’s not going to go well for either one of us.

How to make new lasting friendships as an adult Posted on Dec 10, 11:12 am
Let's face it, as we get older it becomes really difficult to make friends -- REAL friends -- and the fact that you can just show up at Weetacon and instantly be approved as a Tribe Member For Life? That's some kind of magic. And we still have new faces every year, so the fact that the Tribe is still getting large? Amazing.

What it’s like to have Weetabix as your professor Posted on Dec 8, 11:12 am
I’ve been teaching night courses at our community college. This is the view from my desk. You’ll notice that all but two people in this photo are on their phones. This is because if they so much as touch their phones during class, they’ll lose points according to my mobile technology policy in the syllabus, so as soon as we take a break, everyone grabs their phones to check their email and text messages rather than talking to each other. Sad state of affairs, that.

Holly jolly Posted on Dec 7, 10:12 am
Any chance to slap on whorish amounts of eye makeup is a good time in my book.

Ho ho holy crap I overschedule myself Posted on Dec 4, 2:12 pm
If you know one thing about me, it is that I frequently overplan my time. Take, for instance, the month of November. At work, I had planned for a month of insanity. It was great for my revenue numbers but super not great for my mental health.

I don’t know how to bra Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 am
I’m pretty much hoping corsets come back in style for people who aren’t goths or Dita Von Teese. The worst part? I’m pretty sure this is because my skin has lost elasticity because of all the oldness I’ve collected. Until someone fixes that, I will just keep abreast of the situation, I suppose. Or finally invent a better bra.




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