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about not not wanting to write Posted on Dec 11, 11:12 pm
I'm grumpy and run-on sentences are my default setting.

about the show that put a social worker inside a horse. Posted on Dec 8, 9:12 pm
The Hannibal Season 3 DVDs arrived today.

about December traditions, which are important. Posted on Dec 8, 12:12 am
Some things that have to happen every December.

about Saturday Posted on Dec 5, 9:12 pm
Nine things that happened today.

about art, my legit piece of actual art Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 pm
Anyway, I was sitting here on the couch, staring at the thing I see when I sit on the couch, trying to think of something to write about. And I decided to write about what I’m staring at.

about downtime. Posted on Dec 3, 8:12 pm
A short one tonight, as I am still feeling under the weather.

about things getting easier, or not. Posted on Dec 2, 9:12 pm
It’s Wednesday night, and I am sitting here sweaty and tired. I have just worked out. Bleargh.

about December Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 pm
(Hello? Is this thing on?)




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