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A bit of excitement Posted on Dec 13, 3:12 am
In which katster manages to mess up something as simple as swallowing a pill.

What's in a name? Posted on Dec 12, 1:12 am
katster ponders the English language, particularly what we call people from a place.

Bacon Soda! Posted on Dec 11, 2:12 am
katster discovers bacon soda at BevMo, hilarity ensues.

I'm watching television Posted on Dec 10, 5:12 am
The shows I'm currently watching. Tomorrow: Bacon Soda!

I don't feel like blogging Posted on Dec 9, 5:12 am
katster has the blahs. All the blahs. So instead of being profound, she talks of future projects.

Kicking the dust of the old blog... Posted on Dec 8, 1:12 am
I am always late to the party, but I introduce myself. (I had the nano death plague.)




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