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Bio: Back again. I love doing Holidailies every year. My daily journal will be 18 years old in March.

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Lizzie Posted on Dec 13, 7:12 pm
("What shall we do for Christmas?" "I about let's kill the dog....")

Back to Seedy Bars Posted on Dec 13, 12:12 pm
There was a time in our parenting lives when the only way we could get to see much of our kids was by visiting them in seedy bars in questionable parts of town.

Scurvy Defeated Again Posted on Dec 12, 4:12 am
Hey! I have a disease. I learned from the NY Daily News that so many Americans are suffering from political anxiety that doctors have coined a term for their distress Trump Anxiety Disorder.

Me and the Bennet Sisters Posted on Dec 10, 6:12 pm
See, my deep dark secret is that I don't love Jane Austen. ... I've taken to using Pride and Prejudice as a sleeping pill. When I am having trouble with insomnia, I find a recording of the movie, and before the credits end, I'm sound asleep. /--Also how almost all Christmas movies are inspiredby A Christmas Carol.

Sunday Stealing Posted on Dec 9, 7:12 pm
This is a series of questions about things you hate or loathe. Someone said it will cause a lot of controversy. What do you think?

Saturday 9 Posted on Dec 8, 7:12 pm
"Just a comment that Holidailies drives me crazy some time." -- my frustrations with Holidailies come at the bottom of the Saturday 9 meme.

Christmas around the World Posted on Dec 7, 9:12 pm
Most people had been told what was going to happen, but nobody thought to tell Sandra. All of a sudden, David chases Paul through the house yelling at him. Walt yells at both of them to stop fighting, David growls, picks up the wine bottle off of the table and hits Paul over the head with it, the bottle shattered and Sandra screamed.

Christmas List, 2018 Posted on Dec 7, 12:12 pm
Shopping at -- Having worked in an ob/gyn office for many years, I am quite familiar with the yoni. You may want to look it up.

And now for a word from our sponsor Posted on Dec 6, 3:12 am
Twenty-two commercials. I am remembering the lovely days in Ireland where the commercials were all grouped at either the beginning or the end of the program, and the program went on uninterrupted. How civilized.

Cromulent Quotidianity Posted on Dec 4, 7:12 pm
I love learning new phrases like this. This came from a blog called "Megan Knows Arse-All About," a blog I found reading through today's Holidailies entries. ---this entry is a review of several Holidailies bloggers.

The Dreaded Christmas Letter Posted on Dec 4, 1:12 pm
Turned out he had hidden a book of movie tickets in the tissue paper under the vegetables. I might never have found them if I hadn't decided to be a good sport and thank him for the vegetables.

Sunday Stealing Posted on Dec 2, 7:12 pm
I read the book to find out what all the hoopla was about and it was boring. The heroine was the most obnoxious, annoying heroine I've ever read. The blatant sex will keep people reading to the end, but I sure didn't want to read either of the sequels.

Saturday 9 Posted on Dec 2, 1:12 am
What's a holiday tradition that began with you (or your generation)? "Mom's Christmas Crisis." Now that I'm not hosting 20 people for dinner each year, that seems to have faded a bit

Sock It To Me Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 pm
What's wrong with this picture?




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