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Bone Chillin' Cold Posted on Dec 16, 9:12 pm
Baby, it's cold outside, and not too warm in a certain part of the house either.

What's the point? (An overdue rant) Posted on Dec 8, 10:12 pm
An overdue rant about questionable business practices. "A Day in the Life" sort of thing.

Tell us about snow... (continued) Posted on Dec 7, 8:12 pm
The story continues. A memory of a snowstorm to remember from the early 1970s, and a brief history lesson as well.

Tell us a story about snow... Posted on Dec 7, 12:12 am
Telling a story from one's youth about a very memorable snowstorm. Part 1

It's beginning to look a lot like... Posted on Dec 5, 7:12 pm
Talking a bit about how Christmas used to be celebrated, compared to how it's acknowledged today.

Coming to the end of one's vacation. Posted on Dec 3, 9:12 pm
Wherein our hero (or lack thereof) relegates about what's transpired on his vacation, giving the reader (and someone else) his report on how things have gone, and not gone.

Holidailies? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?? Posted on Dec 2, 11:12 pm
A little explanation of what's going on here, and giving a little synopsis of who this person is, and what he's doing here. Or, what he's attempting to do.

Brick by Brick Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 pm
A summary about how her boy's day went today.

Brick by Brick Posted on Dec 1, 11:12 pm
A summary about how her boy's day went today.




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